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Josh Hudson

About Josh Hudson

Founder & President Josh Hudson founded JH Exteriors in 2005 so that he could provide something unique to the people of St. Louis. JH Exteriors has been a family owned & operated business since then, serving Residential Remodeling & Commercial Construction needs all over the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Roofing Advice: What to Fix and Replace

Your beautiful roof will eventually begin to show its age, and one of the best ways to increase its lifespan is through regular maintenance. Paying attention to the little things along the way will go far in making sure you don't experience any surprises with your roof like leaks and unseen damage.

If you know [...]

Exterior Renovations for Energy Efficiency

Many variables will influence which projects you decide are best for your home, and improving energy efficiency is a primary concern for many homeowners. One of the first steps you may take is figuring out how your home is inefficient and which projects will help reduce your utility bills the most.

Additionally, you'll also want [...]

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Basic Tips for Asphalt Roof Replacement and Repair

One of the most important features on your home is the roof. It keeps your family dry, keeps your possessions safe, and is an important part of your home's visual aesthetics. So, keeping the roof in good condition is an essential part of responsible home ownership.

You might already have an inkling as to whether [...]

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Historic Renovation for Doors and Windows

When you think of a "historic" home, you might think of a grand home from the Victorian era that's over 100 years old. However, maintaining the historic charm of a home is a worthwhile project even if your home is a Midcentury house with a less impressive pedigree.
First Steps in Historic Renovation: Research
You've got [...]

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Getting the Most from Your Roofing Budget

Your roofing budget may influence the type of new roof your home receives, but the static cost of the roof and its installation shouldn't be the only factors you consider. Not only may you consider whether to completely replace the roof, repair it or recover it, you may also look at characteristics like the [...]

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Best Exterior Renovations for Selling Your Home

Most families rarely purchase anything more expensive than a house, and the enormous responsibility of owning a home means constant upkeep and maintenance. When selling your home, you'll need to figure out the best exterior renovations and projects that will enhance curb appeal and which won't break the bank.
Necessary Repairs Versus Vanity Renovations
You don't [...]

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Gutter Replacement: Keep Water from Damaging Your Home

Yearly maintenance on homes today usually includes standard projects like a look at the water heater, a roof inspection, and a professional carpet cleaning, but it's not uncommon to forget about the gutters. Although their purpose might seem simple, gutters provide a vital service to any house on which they're installed.

Ignoring gutter problems and [...]

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Tips for Changing Your Home’s Exterior

Home designers might say there's a "wrong" way and a "right" way to paint or renovate the exterior of a home, but most design rules are only guidelines that may help you get the most out of improving your home's exterior curb appeal.

A little investigation into exterior remodeling will reveal many sleek and modern [...]

Recovering After a Storm: Repairing Damage

Sometimes the worst part of a storm isn't surviving the winds and rain, but cleaning up after the event. Fallen trees and missing roof shingles often greet homeowners already dealing with power outages, post-storm flooding, and the chaos of emergency conditions.
Safety After the Storm
Recovering After a Storm Starts with Safety
Repairing your home is important [...]

Improving Home Longevity with Gutter Maintenance

When's the last time you looked up at the gutters on your home? Was it during the fall when they were clogged with leaves? In the winter when they were filled with icy slush and ice?

Have you taken the time to peer into your gutters lately to check their condition and whether they're functioning [...]