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Josh Hudson, Owner, JH Exteriorsby Josh Hudson
Owner of JH Exteriors
St. Louis, Missouri

Hi, I'm Josh Hudson with JH Exteriors in St. Louis, MO. We have been restoring homes for a long time in Missouri and I felt it was time to educate homeowners on the process of hiring the right restoration contractor.

Not all  contractors are equal or the same and if you own a home, condo, rental property, or commercial building at some point you will need to have some work done to keep your home in shape!

But who do you trust to do this work?

How do you know that the company you are hiring is reputable and can back up their claims?

In my experience there are far too many bad remodeling contractors and fly by night businesses which paint our industry in a negative light. That is why I want to make sure you have everything you need in your hands to make a great choice if you are considering hiring someone in Missouri.

Hiring the right remodeling contractor is easier than you may think if you know how....and we wanted to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. That is why I'm offering my Free Guide "Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing an Exterior Restoration Partner" .

Take A Glimpse Inside The Guide

exterior home remodeling in st louisSome of the questions a wise homeowner asks before selecting an exterior remodeling contractor:

  • What is your process for consultation, design, and estimating the job?
  • What is your warranty and/or workmanship guarantee?
  • Are you licensed? Do you have insurance? What happens if someone gets hurt on the job?
  • What makes your services better than those of your competitors?

Why Choose JH Exteriors?

  • Locally owned and operated business with an office in Imperial, MO.
  • At JH Exteriors, we take pride in our company and our work. We will go above and beyond to please our customers and ensure they are satisfied with our work from start to finish.
  • Most of our business has come from our satisfied customers’ friends and family. All of our work is guaranteed, and if the homeowner isn't happy, we will do everything we can to make them happy.
  • JH Exteriors is a drug-free, family-owned business that was built on determination and hard work. Our employees are clean-cut and very respectful, and we pride ourselves on having clean job sites. We take time to explain to the homeowner all the work that will be done — before the work starts. If there is a problem, we take care of it before the work begins.
  • With JH Exteriors, there will be no hidden costs. JH Exteriors has many repeat customers. Our customers come back to us because we're honest and reliable, and we get the jobs done right.
  • All JH Exteriors workmanship is backed by Workmanship Guarantees!
  • JH Exteriors is affiliated with the BBB, and we take pride in knowing that we do things honestly and ethically. Our company continues to grow and improve because we are dedicated to learning about the latest materials and techniques to save the homeowners money.
  • We give back to our local community in Missouri. Ask around about JH Exteriors and you will quickly find that we do things the right way.

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At the very least, it is my hope that you learn something of value in my free hiring guide. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us anytime at 1-636-642-1928.


Josh Hudson
JH Exteriors