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We contacted JH Exteriors about replacing the gutters on a home we purchased. It was a foreclosure, and nearly everything needed work. From the get-go, I was really impressed by Travis, who came out to give us an estimate. While the estimate they gave was very slightly higher than the lowest we received, we chose them because of that first impression. He had come later in the evening, as best suited our schedules, yet he engaged in some friendly conversation even after he'd taken all his notes. He didn't even rush off when the storm sirens sounded because we were still chatting. I'm sure I've never been such a troublesome customer as I feel I was for JH Exteriors, yet throughout our dealings everyone remained professional and courteous. First I asked that they hold off on the work until we could get some other work done. Then I asked that they have the work finished by a certain day for insurance purposes. When they came to do the job the scheduled morning, we didn't have our outside electrical outlets switched on, so they came back later that evening after we turned the breaker on and worked for several hours past a typical work day's close to be sure the job could be completed by my imposed deadline. They showed up early the next day to finish the job, and again, the outlets weren't working (turns out we had a loose wire), so they waited until the next day per my request so we could get that taken care of. After they had installed something like half of our gutters, we decided we wanted to use 6" gutters rather than 5" to better fit our 3x4" downspouts. I called Gary at 9:00pm (so sorry, again!) to see if there was any way we could change that tiny little detail...and still have it done by my imposed deadline. I'm amazed he even answered that late, when I definitely should *not* have been calling. He was helpful and friendly throughout the whole conversation. Never once did I feel like he was frusturated that I was calling so late or wanting to make a change after they'd already begun the work. The first thing the next morning, Gary passed along my request to Travis and Josh (owner). I had the opportunity to speak with Josh as well, and I was impressed by his willingness to make last minute changes after a good portion of the work had already been done, while still meeting that very near deadline (I think at that point it may have been the same day!). We're very pleased with the final result. The gutters look great, and I truly appreciate all the work they did. I appreciate that Travis was an honest, patient, and friendly sales rep (if that's what I should call him), Gary was patient in explaining our options when we decided on a change, and Josh for his professional and business-like manner. Thank you, all, and I'm sorry we were so much trouble!
Kayla P., Arnold, MO - Google + Review
Let me share a story that just happened last week. I was outside filling a bird feeder and my neighbor was talking to a contractor about his roof needing to be replaced; the neighbor suggested I have his ‘friend’ check my roof as well; since it was free I said ‘Go ahead’, knowing I’d just had JH Exteriors do repairs to the roof a yr ago and it was fine. Wrong; the guy came down telling me I ‘desperately’ needed a new roof and additional repairs! He scared the hell out of me; so I called my insurance company and asked for an adjuster to come out and look. The ‘other contractor’ was here as well; and –amazingly – I did NOT need a new roof; the young man was here for 1 ½ hours checking and explaining everything to me (in down to earth language); gave me all of the info/diagram in a folder. I had already told the other contractor if I needed a new roof, I had someone else in mind to do the work. The adjuster said the repairs were just fine and I only had one small area of shingle that should be replaced. I told the other contractor his practices were at best frightening and at worst dishonest. I explained I would have the repair done by JH Exteriors. I must have told this young man three times that if there was work to do, it was not going to be his company; but he persisted. He lost not only a potential customer or reference, I asked him to leave my home. JH Exteriors is completely aboveboard, honest, reliable, and do excellent work. They do not use scare or scam tactics to get your business; they are legitimate and responsible. Don’t allow this type of thing to happen to you; it was despicable of the other company to scare the hell out of an old woman like me.
Rita Thompson
Josh, You & your crew did an awesome job!!!! Thank You Josh
Jan Anderson, Barnhart, MO - Facebook
"We used JH Exteriors for our recent hail/storm related damages. Their attention to the details and working directly with the insurance company adjusters, assured us that we chose the best company for a worry free repair. The work was completed despite the rain delay in 1 1/2 days. With little to no inconvenience of my family. Work was done as they promised and they provided an after inspection to assure their quality. I have personally used and recommended Josh and his crews to several others. You won't go wrong using JH Exteriors, from price to quality of service!"
Scott Wilson, St. Louis, MO

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